Mohammedan SC VS Railway Football Club


  • In the 16th minute of the match, Shaheen’s head went out from Nicola’s corner.
  • Jaskaran missed a golden opportunity in the 19th minute of the match. Jaskaran failed to score from Fayaz’s cross from the left side of Nicola’s through pass.
  • In the 46th minute of the match, Sheikh Faiaz scored from the left side of Faizal’s Grounder Cross. Nikola gave the ball from midfield for Faizal.
  • Mohammedan took a 1-0 lead in the first half.


  • At the beginning of the second half, Mohammedan’s pressure on the railway box increased. Milan’s free kick in the 47th minute and Faizal’s shot in the 49th minute hit the post.
  • In the 57th minute of the match, Faiaz missed an easy opportunity from Firoz’s extended ball.
  • Azharuddin’s goal from inside the box in the 61st minute gave Mohammedan a 2-0 lead.
  • Mohammedan dominated the whole match. Mohammedan could have increased the goal difference if they had not missed some easy opportunities. Man of the match in today’s match is SK Faiaz & Emerging Player Firoz Ali.
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